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PLiFiX® Markers

$396.00 inc.gst



Our PLiFiX® Markers come in a pack of 25 and are easy into insert ground thanks to the driving tool which comes complete in the box.

Plifix synthetic grass implants are a safe and permanent ground marking system. They are the most practical solution for marking buried objects or setting lines and boundaries when linemarking.

The tough fibres are UV stabilised to prevent fading and come in a range of 4 colours white, blue, red and yellow. Once screwed into place the grass tufts remain in situ during mowing, fertilizing and any other ground care that is required.

The PLiFiX® carrot technology is protected by patent and used by professional landscapers, greenkeepers, groundsman and gardeners worldwide.

The product is present in more than 200,000 sports grounds in Europe and they are used to mark out playing fields, ensure the exactness of dimensions and facilitate the marking of lines.

Comes in White, Yellow, Blue or Red

Weight 20 kg

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